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Becoming the next tech stars


The development of InvestIdea’s portfolio has gone from strength to strength, building upon momentum of the Indonesian government’s effort in improving internet penetration and driving the adoption of digital solutions in sectors

Be Smart Your Way

Get Anything from Anywhere
Social Commerce

Simpliflying Healthcare

Revolutioning the live event industry
Event Management

Create something magical
Digital Marketing

We are market intelligence

Redefining Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Program

Creating reusable space hardware
Aviaton and Aerospace Company

Experience More for Less
Travel Accomodation

Travel Platform

one single source of shelf truth
Software as a Service (SaaS) for Retail

“Get them to the point where they have built something impressive enough to convince their communities”

“InvestIdea inherited the spirit and passion of technology and entrepreneurship in emerging markets”


“…first come first gain!”


… the start-ups that catch our attention are the ones with concepts of social commerce and also with the potential to become key players in Indonesia’s cybernomics.

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